Succeed in life
by meeting challenges head-on.

Meeting Lloyd the Motivational Speaker

Stop violence and bullying
in your school today!

Lloyd offers special, highly-focused programs to address the biggest concerns in our schools.

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Life is a series of challenges.

We succeed in life by meeting these challenges head-on — by overcoming adversity.

Lloyd Bachrach offers kids of all ages a positive message based on his own amazing struggles and successes.

Give your students the skills to succeed!

The Yes, You Can! program is perfect for your next assembly. Complete with demonstrations, personal stories of triumph and motivational tips, Lloyd’s presentation can be customized to fit your school or organization’s needs. Lloyd captivates his audience. His message, based on the 5 Keys to Success, inspires everyone from children to adults. Audiences leave with a feeling of empowerment and clearly see how to overcome adversity in their own daily lives. This is one event that you and your students will never forget.