“Powerful!” “Transformative!”
  Lloyd’s story will blow you away.

“You’ve inspired people of all
ages to go for their dreams.
Thank you!”

— Kate Rogers, Student, Winston Campus,
Palatine, IL

About Lloyd

Although physically challenged, Lloyd Bachrach has never let anything keep him from achieving his dreams.

Lloyd faced a huge uphill battle from the day he was born. He turned his challenge into a strength, first by excelling in a variety of sports, then taking his confidence and insight to others seeking a positive message and life strategy.

As a motivational speaker, he has been wowing people aged 6 to 60 for over 13 years with a simple but powerful message: yes, you can!

Having overcome adversity in his own life and making dreams happen, Lloyd is the perfect keynote speaker for your next corporate meeting. Lloyd doesn’t sermonize or lecture. He offers an amazing life story, making connections that inspire people, with concrete examples and a clear, consistent recipe for success.

The early days.

Lloyd was born in 1962 with a congenital bone deficiency which left his legs unusually small. Due to the severity of his disability, some doctors suggested there would be little or no hope for a normal life. Lloyd’s parents thought better. They took Lloyd home, nurtured and encouraged him.

At a young age his parents enrolled him in some sports programs — first swimming, then little league baseball. He excelled and this helped develop a positive self esteem. At age thirteen, Lloyd was faced with the challenge of wearing artificial limbs, and in high school and college Lloyd became a champion gymnast who competed against able bodied athletes. In 1996 he competed on the USA Paralympic sit volleyball squad. He is an avid downhill mono-skier and a certified SCUBA diver.

A varied and productive career.

For over 10 years he worked on the trading floor of Chicago Mercantile Exchange, eventually reaching the position of a currency speculator. He has modeled for clients such as Sears, J. C. Penney, and Lands End. And for eight years Lloyd coached gymnastics for the Chicago Park District. He instructed all levels, from beginners to advanced, including the Special Olympic athletes.

Over the years, Lloyd discovered that people responded well to his encouragements. In 1995, he created Yes, You Can! Inc., an organization devoted to inspire and motivate others to reach their ultimate potential. Since its inception, Lloyd has delivered his message to a wide variety of audiences nationwide. Lloyd has also launched Premier Showcase and authored 50 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams and Desires.