“Powerful!” “Transformative!”
  Lloyd’s story will blow you away.

“Your messages were
thoughtful, age-appropriate
and very meaningful!”

— Karen Coma, Joseph Sears School,
Kenilworth, IL

About Lloyd the Author

As a veteran of the speakers’ circuit, Lloyd loves to make very direct connections with people in his lively and memorable stage appearances. On stage, Lloyd not only offers words of wisdom and hope, he also demonstrates amazing vitality and a lust for life — performing gymnastics, demonstrating his favorite baseball and volleyball moves, or even singing and playing guitar. And, in many appearances, he shows his audiences the exact nature of his challenge, revealing his prosthetics or even removing them.

In 2003, Lloyd realized that he couldn’t reach or inspire everyone in person; it was time to capture his thoughts and strategies in print. That’s when he authored 50 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams and Desires, a brief, entertaining, and thoroughly enlightening book that succinctly outlines Lloyd’s approach to life and making dreams happen.

Lloyd often offers copies of his book at his speaking engagements, and they go very fast indeed. His audiences love the experience of seeing Lloyd live, but they also want to take a little bit of that energy and insight home.

When you book Lloyd for your next event, inquire about bundle opportunities to insure that all your attendees can take home a copy of 50 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams and Desires.