“Powerful!” “Transformative!”
  Lloyd’s story will blow you away.

“You’ve inspired people of all
ages to go for their dreams.
Thank you!”

— Kate Rogers, Student, Winston Campus,
Palatine, IL

About Lloyd the Entrepreneur

After 10 years in the trading pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and another 10 years as a popular motivational speaker, Lloyd Bachrach was attuned not only to the business realities of making money but also to an untapped potential in his own life.

He had accumulated a wealth of diverse experiences: working in highly competitive marketplaces, seeking opportunities for cooperation, inspiring the people with little hope, marketing his services, and studying others who fell short of their potential.

In 2005, Lloyd had an idea: create a showcase for educational performers — the talented people hired by schools and civic groups to inspire our children and teens. Many of these performers lacked the kind of professional marketing opportunities necessary to tell their stories and to advance their own businesses. Lloyd’s intent was to stage a top-shelf one-day event that would draw a large audience of qualified buyers (teachers and administrators) and offer performers the best possibly selling opportunities.

After the first event in Chicago proved to be a popular success with both performers and attendees, Lloyd immediately took his new company to the next level by creating a national online directory of educational performers at Premier-Showcase.com. Investing more and more each succeeding year into both technology and event management, Lloyd has built Premier Showcase into the nation’s leading resource for matching educators with talent.