“Powerful!” “Transformative!”
  Lloyd’s story will blow you away.

“Your story is amazing,
and your spirit — your indomitable spirit — is one
to strive for everyday.”

— Kristin Buishas,
5th Grade Teacher,
St. Kieran School, Chicago Heights, IL

About Lloyd the Family Man

Lloyd’s family is everything to him — the foundation of his life and the continuing inspiration for his successes in growing Yes, You Can! and his newest business, Premier Showcase.

In 1996, Lloyd married Julia Sniderman, historian and author. Lloyd then left his coaching position with the Park District to pursue his speaking career fulltime.

In December 1997, Julia and Lloyd gave birth to their first daughter, Marissa. October 2000 brought their second daughter, Paili. Maintaining a home office afforded Lloyd plenty of quality time with his family. Lloyd always felt fortunate that he was able to be present for the girls — and deeply involved in their lives — during their formative years.

Lloyd, Julia, and the girls enjoy travel, music, and movies. They have been to Cancun, the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Maui, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Cleveland, New York, Hershey, Falling Water, Tampa, Orlando, Washington D.C. and Seattle.

The Bachrachs treasure music. Lloyd plays guitar and Marissa and Paili both play piano. They’re not exactly the Von Trapp family, but they enjoy playing together and consider music central to their home life.

Lloyd loves his family time, but now that the girls are older, he’s free to expand his travels and bring his Yes, You Can! message to more farflung cities around the country.