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Meeting Lloyd the Motivational Speaker


Here is what teachers and school administrators are saying about Yes, You Can!

“Feedback I received about the virtual program was that it was a huge hit, a great program. Teachers would love for you to be able to come back in person, and include the video footage. It was a powerful addition and would make for an amazing assembly.”

— Linda Moric, Principal,
Highcrest Middle School, Wilmette, IL

“Mr. Bachrach’s message was so profound, the children are now more comfortable discussing their self-confidence and self-esteem. Our children are understanding that it is acceptable to be different and it is humbling to accept differences as well. Mr. Bachrach is a positive influence to all communities and I appreciate his powerful message to our children of this impressionable age.”

— Renee Henderson, Building Coordinator,
Park School

“The Project Dream students thought the presentation was the ‘best they ever had seen.’ I hope it leaves a lasting positive impression.”

— Patricia Dymowski, Building Coordinator,
Washington School

“The students and staff were not only captivated by Lloyd’s story but impressed with the level of commitment he had to his success. The students were so eager to continue the discussion as they returned to the classroom, they asked to view his website and video. Obviously, these are the stories the children need to hear!”

— Carol Benda, Building Coordinator,
Lincoln School

“On behalf of Family Guidance Centers, Inc., partnered with Project Dream, we extend our warmest gratitude.…The impression you have left with the students will maintain a value that cannot be measured. Your life story has not only inspired the children of these classrooms, but the adults as well.…Thank you once again, Lloyd, for your time and genuine investment of the students of District 148.”

— Dawn Rodriguez, CADC,
Project Dream Manager

“In 29 years of working in the public schools, I don’t think I’ve ever attended an assembly that was so worthwhile and so relevant to my students’ issues.”

— Barbara La Rowe, Speech Pathologist,
Madison Elementary School

“Our students and staff loved every minute of your program — you definitely know how to talk to kids (and adults).”

— Mary DeBiasio, Counselor,
Century Jr. High

“Your story is amazing, and your spirit — your indomitable spirit — is one to strive for everyday.”

— Kristin Buishas, 5th Grade Teacher,
St. Kieran School

“In the seven years of performances I have seen at this school, yours was the most inspiring and really had the kids excited.”

— Carolyn Stith, Teacher,
St. Kieran School

“Your messages were thoughtful, age-appropriate and very meaningful!”

— Karen Coma, Joseph Sears School,
Kenilworth, IL

“The students walked away with new insights and consideration for how to treat others...the teachers were impressed and appreciated the message and encouragement you gave.”

— Lynne Bensen & Jean Koutas, Faculty,
Carl Sandburg Jr. High

“You are a great role model and an inspiration to all of us.”

— Maricela Hernandez, Program Coordinator,
Shriners Hospital, Chicago, IL

“The most significant assembly I’ve seen or booked in almost 10 years.”

— Gloria Stahmer, Asst. Head of School, Clairbourn School,
San Gabriel, CA

“You did your presentation today at our school and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you speak.”

— Haley, Marlowe Middle School,
Lake in the Hills, IL

“You’ve inspired people of all ages to go for their dreams. Thank you!”

— Kate Rogers, Student, Winston Campus,
Palatine, IL

“You were inspiring about your different abilities and your keys for success.”

— Randi Marcus, Seaman Elemenary School,
Jericho, NY

“We would like to thank Lloyd for an exceptional assembly. Yes, You Can! has made a positive impact on our students, teachers, and parents.”

— Ally Yacovone, Special Education Representative,
Castille Elementary School

Why are Lloyd’s presentations so effective?

  • Unforgettable: your students won’t stop talking about what they’ve seen and heard.
  • His struggles resonate with kids of all ages.
  • His presentations are dynamic, engaging, and entertaining.
  • Lloyd perseveres and energizes despite exceptional physical and lifestyle challenges.
  • Presentations can be tailored to guarantee the right messages for your kids.